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Blue Copper White


Blue Copper White

Cloth Cover

Cloth Cover


Serving the needs
of the Oversized
Casket Community
for over 30 years!


Heartland Open View - University of Tennessee Orange

Heartland Open View - Fire Engine Red - Fireman with Axes

Heartland Open View - Ebony/Black - Blue Crepe

Heartland Open View - Hunter Green Shaded Gold - Rosetone Crepe - Praying Hands

Homestead Open View - All White

Harvest Open View - Ebony/Black - White Crepe - Flag

White Crepe - Flag - With Love and Honor

White Crepe - Deer and Log Scene

Heartland Open View - Silver Shaded Gunmetal - Praying Hands

Heartland Open View - Gold

Harvest Open View - White Shaded Pink - Pink Crepe - Going Home Birds

Until We Meet Again

Harvest Open View - White Shaded Silver - White Crepe - Silver Trim



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