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Good planning and well-placed questions, will equip you to be able to plan a unique celebration of life with honor and dignity.

What’s an Oversize Casket?
Standard caskets are between 24 and 27 inches wide at the hardware panel, and 80 to 88 inches long. An oversize casket is anything larger than a standard casket. Most of the major casket manufacturers carry a line of oversize caskets.

Talk to a Funeral Director:


Let the funeral director know that your loved one is one of the bigger people.


Ask the funeral director if the family will be able to have a traditional service?


Sometimes special arrangements must be made to accommodate the size of the casket.


Tell the funeral director how you would like to celebrate the memory of your loved one.


Be prepared to be creative. Here are a few points to consider:

  1. The service may need to be moved to another location due to doorway restrictions for the size of the casket.

  2. You may need to think of a different method of transport that honors your loved one, because the casket may not fit into a traditional hearse.

  3. You may need to be prepared to buy two grave plots. Talk to your funeral director; ask him or her to check the family grave site opening.

  4. If you are considering cremation, have your funeral director confirm this option is available.

  5. Oversize caskets, as a general rule, are limited in color and style options.

What makes Goliath Casket different from other companies?
Goliath Casket designs caskets specifically for larger people.

Goliath Caskets are available through licensed funeral homes.



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