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McCoy Blossom Funeral Home & Cremation Center
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To whom it may concern,

My name is Alicia T. Bautista; I am a licensed funeral director and recently had the pleasure of utilizing one of your fine caskets. We handled services for a person who needed an extra- extra-large casket. This was the 1st time we have ever used a Goliath casket. It certainly will not be the last. It was such a wonderful experience! The craftsmanship, and dedication that went into the making of the casket was clear to see right away. It was beautifully finished, but also was designed to truly accommodate a larger person. My job is to provide comfort, and caring service for the families in which I serve. With Goliath casket, I was able to do that. The deceased looked peaceful, and because of the specially designed bed proper positioning was easily achieved. On behalf of the family, as well as our funeral home, thank you so much. My funeral home is family owned and operated, because of that I feel we treat our families in which we serve the way we desire to be treated. At Goliath it is a family owned and operated company as well. This does make a difference! When we called and ordered the casket, we spoke to an owner. Julane was so kind, and caring. It is reassuring to know that Goliath Casket Company will always be available to help us with any oversized casket we will need. Mere words could never convey how grateful I was that all of our concerns were put as ease.

Warmest regards
Lisa T. Bautista (Blossom)
Owner-funeral director




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